Monday, September 19, 2011

Piotr E. Kzanskiy International Readings on International Law

In the year that marks 65 years of the International Court of Justice, we are proud to invite you to take part in the Piotr E. Kzanskiy International Readings on International Law. 
Professor P.E. Kazanskiy predicted that the substantial increase in the number and the role of international treaties on the protection of public interest, or in other words the birth of international administrative unions in the twentieth century. Development of institutional system of administrative unions and other international associations of states after World War I, the League of Nations and the UN, the creation of specialized agencies within the UN confirmed his vision on the mechanism of international law development.
Readings will be held in Odessa on 21-22 of October 2011.
To take part in the Readings - 2011 participants will be required to fulfil the on-line registration form. Abstract in electronic format and a scanned copy of the receipt from the bank should be sent till the 14th of October, 2011  on the e-mail address:
The working languages of the event: Ukrainian, Russian, English.
All necessary information you can find on the official site of the Center for International Law and Justice