Friday, November 23, 2012

e-learning courses

HREA is pleased to announce our program of e-learning courses offered in early 2013. These e-learning courses are generally six weeks in duration and involve approximately 50 hours of reading, interaction with participants and instructor on discussion boards, webinars, quizzes and other assignments. The following courses will be offered in January-April 2013:
- Protection Against Torture (2 January-12 March 2013)
- Monitoring & Evaluation in the NGO Sector (23 January-5 March 2013)
- Project Development and Management in the NGO Sector (23 January-19 March 2013)
- Children in War and Armed Conflicts (30 January-12 March 2012)
- Children's Rights (Foundation Course) (30 January-12 March 2012)
- Gender Mainstreaming (30 January-16 April 2013)
- Child Rights Programming (6 February-23 April 2013)
- Gender and Human Rights (Foundation Course) (6 February-19 March 2013)
- EU Migration and Asylum Law and Policies (13 February-26 March 2013) NEW!
- Indigenous Peoples' Rights (13 February-26 March 2013)
- International Human Rights Law (Foundation Course) (13 February-26 March 2013)
- Migration and Asylum (Foundation Course) (13 February-26 March 2013) NEW!
- Minority Rights (13 February-26 March 2013)
- Use of ICTs and Social Media for Human Rights Work (13 February-30 April 2013)
For further information about each course please click on the course link above. Please note that we no longer have registration deadlines. Instead we offer early registration discounts up to 25% of the full tuition rate. For an overview of all courses, please visit