Monday, November 26, 2012

CYIL - Czech Yearbook of International Law

Dear colleagues,
assuming that you may already be informed about our project of Czech Yearbooks, namely the Czech Yearbook of International Law (CYIL) and the Czech (Central European) Yearbook of Arbitration® (CYArb®), which I am co-editor in-chief and which will be published by a renomed publishing house – JurisNet LLC in Huntington, New York. Juris is a traditional publisher of books regarding international arbitration as well as international law, international commercial law, international privat law etc. While the serie CYIL – Czech Yearbook of International Law® focuses on international law, privat international law, international relations, international trade as well as constitutional issues with international dimension, the serie CYArb® - Czech (& Central European) Yearbook of Arbitration®, which mainly focus on arbitration (both domestic and international arbitration) in CEE countries. Therefore a number of important permanent arbitral institutions taking part in the particular project (just for example the Vienna International Court of Arbitration, two Czech permanet courts of arbitration, arbitration court attached to the Polish Chamber of Commerce, arbitration court attached to the Romanian Chamber of Commerce, ICC National Committee Czech Republic etc.) as well as leading lawyers from the CEE region (see the list of editorial and advisory boards in the introductory part).
Detailed information on both projects (CYIL and CYArb) may be found on; this page is available in sixteen languages, incl. Russian.
Probably the both series may find your interest.
W will very appreciate to get interesting key esseys on a topic, which is a main topic set for the particular edition and we use this opportunity to invite you or some of your colleagues to draft a paper for either CYIL or CYArb. Just for your information enclosing the list of key topics set for the editions 2013, 2014 and 2015, while the 2013 may be interesting for your institution, e.g.:
Ø      for CYArb, 2013, Vol. III – borders between procedural and substantive law in arbitration (focusing mainly to basic differences between particular national approaches and between common law and civil law) and their limits
Ø      for CYIL, 2013, Vol. IV – state and public control over international trade and investments.
If a cooperation on the CYArb and / or CYIL projects will be interesting for you, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.
The extension of the article should not extend 15 pages of plain text (Times New Roman, 12p, 1.5 spacing). Details about the form of citation and structuring could be find in the Author´s Guidelines available at Yearbook website:
If you are interested to draft a scientific essey, or just an information for the “News and Reports”, which is an integral part of both yearbooks, please do contact the editorial board on or through mailpage on our portal