Saturday, August 25, 2012

Книжная новинка "Abou Jeng. Peacebuilding in the African Union.Law, Philosophy and Practice"

Peacebuilding in the African UnionLaw, Philosophy and Practice
Abou Jeng, University of WarwickHardback
Publication date:August 2012

Particularly in the context of internal conflicts, international law is frequently unable to create and sustain frameworks for peace in Africa. In Peacebuilding in the African Union, Abou Jeng explores the factors which have prevented such steps forward in the interaction between the international legal order and postcolonial Africa. In the first work of its kind, Jeng considers whether these limitations necessitate recasting the existing conceptual structure and whether the Constitutive Act of the African Union provides exactly this opportunity through its integrated peace and security framework. Through the case studies of Burundi and Somalia, Jeng examines the structures and philosophy of the African Union and assesses the capacity of its practices in peacemaking. In so doing, this book will be of great practical value to scholars and legal practitioners alike.