Wednesday, November 16, 2011

HREA is issuing a final call for applications

HREA is issuing a final call for applications for the following upcoming specialised e-learning courses:
Child Rights Programming (1 February-17 April 2012)
La Programmation basée sur les droits humains (6 février-22 avril 2012)
Le Monitoring des droits de l'homme (1 février-17 avril 2012)
Monitoring Children's Rights (1 February-17 April 2012)
Monitoring Women's Rights (6 February-22 April 2012)
Project Development and Management in the NGO Sector (1 February-17 April 2012)
Use of ICTs and Social Media for Human Rights Work (1 February-17 April 2012)
The deadline for application is 15 November 2011. Applications can be submitted online. For further information about each course please click on the course link above. For a listing of all upcoming courses, please visit