Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Lectures with Pasquale Policastro

February 17-18, 2015 10:00-13.00 Department of International Law, PFUR holds lecture series for students of LL.M. Program "International Protection of Human Rights". Lecture will take place at Inter-University Resource Center for Human Rights (room 354).
Pasquale Policastro
Professor, Vice-President of IALANA (International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms, Szczecin University
Coordinator of the European Master in Law and Policies of European Integration: European Constitutional Law and Multilevel Constitutionalism
From the protection of human rights to the protection of the existential manifestations of the person: a theoretical and practical multicultural approach.
Section 1. The constitutional right of interdependencies: key issues. - 1.1. Constitutionalization of international law, internationalisation of constitutional law and interdependence. - 1.2. The principles of international law between natural rights and nature of law: the need to find an adequate foundation of a theory of constitutional law. - 1.3. Language and constitutional definition of culture: the constitution as “a possible world.”- 1.4. Constitutional types and differences between communities and societies. - 1.5. From the community to society: people, language and comparison. - 1.6. Phenomenology of constitutional law, interdependencies and complexity. - 1.7. Paradigms of constitutionalism and protection of existential manifestations of the person. - 
Section 2. The legacy of the different legal cultures distributive on the protection of rights . - 2.1. Legal protection, forms of government and different models of citizenship. - 2.2. Distribution rules and development the concept of natural rights and public subjective rights . - 2.3 Individual rights as rights supported by groups. - 2.4. Heterogeneity, both substantial and procedural, of the dimensions of the legal protection of the human being. - 2.5. Trends in the development of a law of interdependencies.
Section 3 (Conclusion). The Development of a Common Framework for the Protection of the Existential Manifestation of the Human Person
3.1. The UN Instruments and the protection of the existential manifestations of the person; 3.2. Different ways to approach the inter-regional development of common means of protection of the person: 3.2.1. The integration path: its opportunities and its difficulties; 3.2.2 The inter-integration approach with special reference to the attempt to connect the protection of the Human Rights in the European Union to the European Convention of Human Rights; 3.2.3. Parallel legislation: some insights, some questions; 3.3. Transnational Citizenship and the path of prospering all together: The Great Green Wall.
Professor Pasquale Policastro is the chair of the Department of European Union Law of the Catholic University of Lublin. He is professor of Constitutional Law and European Law at the University of Szczecin and has been awarded of the “Rientro dei cervelli” distinguished professorship of the Italian Ministery of University and Scientific Research at the University of Salerno, Department of Civil and Economic Relations in Contemporary Legal Systems.
The scientific interest of Pasquale Policastro has been so far concentrated on the constitutional transitions and the human rights, the theory of constitution and of constitutionalism as well as of multi-level constitutional systems, the constitutional intepretation and the theory of legal arguments and of the balancing of values between different layers of legal enactment.
Among his most recent publications: “A New Garment for an Old Question: “A Clash Between Man’s Rights and Citizens” Rights in the Enlarged Europe?” (in J. Nergelius (ed.) Nordic and Other European Constitutional Traditions, Martinus Nijhoff Publisher, Leiden/Boston 2006); “On the Descriptive and the Prescriptive Nature of the Constitution. Constitutionalism and the Legitimisation of the Constitution in the Practice of its Implementation” (in L. Wintgens, The Theory and Practice of Legislation); Essays in Legisprudence (Ashgate, Aldershot, 2005); “Challenges of Multi-Level Constitutionalism” (ed. with J. Nergelius and K. Urata, Polpress, Krakow 2004), etc.