Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Open lecturers by Felipe Gómez Isa

February 10, 2015 10:00 Department of International Law, PFUR holds lecture series for students of LL.M. Program "International Protection of Human Rights". Lecture will take place at Inter-University Resource Center for Human Rights (room 354).
Workshop topic "Transitional justice"
Professor Felipe Gómez Isa, Professor of Public International Law
Felipe Gómez Isa is Professor of Public International Law and researcher at the Pedro Arrupe Institute of Human Rights of the University of Deusto (Bilbao). He is National Director of the European Master in Human Rights and Democratization, EMA, organized by 41 European Universities in the framework of the European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratization (EIUC, Venice, Italy). Spanish representative to the UN Working Group for the elaboration of an Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (New York, 1998 and 1999). He has been Visiting Professor in several European, Latin American, and Asian Universities.
Research Expertise and Interests
His research interests lie primarily in the field of International Human Rights Law, particularly the connections between development and human rights, indigenous peoples’ rights and transitional justice.
Professor Gómez Isa is teaching on undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the following areas: Public International Law and International Protection of Human Rights
Key Publications
El derecho al desarrollo como derecho humano en el ámbito jurídico internacional (The Right to development in Public International Law, University of Deusto, 1999);
Privatisation and Human Rights in the Age of Globalisation, (Intersentia, co-edited with Koen de Feyter, 2005);
International Human Rights Law in a Global Context (University of Deusto, co-edited with Koen de Feyter, 2009);
Rethinking Transitions. Equality and Social Justice in Societies Emerging From Conflict (Intersentia, co-edited with Gaby Oré, 2011);
“Freedom From Want from a Local Perspective: Evolution and Challenges Ahead”, in The Local Relevance of Human Rights (Cambridge University Press, edited by Koen de Feyter, Stephan Parmentier et al., 2011).
Non-academic affiliations

Professor Anderson Gómez Isa is a member of the Board of the development NGO ALBOAN, and has acted as consultant of a number of social movements and human rights NGOs