Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Jessup Summer School

Jessup Summer School will be starting on July 8 and ending of July 19, 2013.
The price of this year remains unchanged for another year: 10,000 rubles per school, plus 3000 rubles per individual student sent by the school.
Thus, if your school is sending 2 people (the minimum) the total cost is 16,000 rubles, 3 people is 19,000, 4 is 22,000 and 5 (the maximum) is 25,000 rubles.
To register for Jessup Summer School please go to the link below.
After your team has been registered you will be sent a password which each member of your team can use to register their own information, or you can register it for them. 
Note: Strict deadline--every member of your team must be registered before July 1 or they will not be admitted to the program. 
Each team member will need to register
1) Their first and last name, mobile telephone number and email
2) Their date and year of birth.
3) Their expected year of graduation.
4) Whether they have participated in the Jessup competition before.
5) The name of the person they will be staying with in Moscow (if any)
6) The address where they will be staying in Moscow
7) The telephone number where they will be staying in Moscow
8) Whether they will be bringing a laptop computer with them (highly recommended)
9) And, if they are under 18 years old, the name and contact information of a parent or legal guardian.
For all the questions please contact Pericles admissions by email or by phone (495) 649 22 73